Remodeling your house can be stressful but in the end, it will always be worth it. For many, it is a process that can generate discomforts. In order to mitigate this discomfort, it is important to plan every detail that this great process and change entails so that things will flow in the best possible way!

The planning stages for a successful remodel are:


1. Economic Viability

The starting point will always be the budget. You must include costs such as contractors, labor, materials, contingencies, and accessories such as decorative objects. The more you structure your budget, the better the outcome will be. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish!

2. Hire Experts

It is important that you review the options of the different contractors to finalize your dream. Make sure to always verify experience, quality, and reputation in the market. It is good to do previous research and book an interview with each of the possible candidates. If someone you know has worked with them, it is much easier since you have a real point of reference. You must check that they include all the non-compliance clauses and demand guarantees in case of any issues. Remember, prepare and prevent!

3. Project Feasibility

The experts analyze the space to be remodeled and tell you if it is possible to meet the objective you want. Otherwise, they can advise you on the best options. Within this analysis, it is important to review what is and is not authorized within your property. Make sure to triple-check if you need any type of license according to the city or county where the property to be remodeled is located. If you have to be away from home during the process, check which places are viable to stay during your remodel. Is it a hotel or a friend or family house?

4. Plans and Designs

When you have a budget and the feasibility, the expert or experts you hire will deliver plans and designs for your approval and on this basis, the work begins. Make sure everything is on the table and that everyone is on the same page to prevent future problems.

5. Work Execution

Whether you are outside or inside the property, it is necessary that you supervise some of the processes, so you will be fully satisfied with the final result, and you will abstain from demanding last-minute changes that may generate more costs.

6. Work Delivery

The final step is when you receive your dream home, you must take a very detailed tour of the finishes and everything must match as agreed. We guarantee that if you follow the 5 previous steps – you will not have problems at this stage!

Is your new year’s resolution to remodel, construct or design your dream home?

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