We hope you enjoy our What to consider for your bathroom remodel blog post. These tips about home bathroom remodel will be very helpful to make your bathroom renovation more exciting!

The bathroom is a space for privacy and a sanctuary of tranquility. This is the perfect place to disconnect from reality, and reconnect with yourself.

If you are thinking of investing in your bathroom and remodeling it, it is important that you keep in mind the following tips. Your imagination might run wild, however, you must be rational to avoid losing the functionality of this important space. Here are some useful tips to take into consideration when you are making your decision:

1. Type of Remodeling: Total or Partial?

It is important to consider whether the remodeling will be total or partial. You must take into account:

  • The Bathroom Space
  • Bath Age
  • Check the years and condition of the pipes. If they are over 18 years old, it is recommended to make a complete replacement.
  • Consult with an expert to help you with the bathroom’s revision. 


2. Space and Measurements

You must consider the space to have a successful plan. Additional furniture in the bathroom gives you more storage space, making sure that the things that are used most frequently are always at hand, and easily accessible. Decorating your bathroom is part of the central task, play with the different furniture and options! 

Ask yourself the following questions and concepts in order to have a clear vision of what you need: 

  • How many people will use the bathroom?
  • What elements do you want to have in sight?
  • What items are you going to store?
  • The size of the bathroom, if it is small it is not recommended to recharge it with furniture!
  • The additional furniture must reflect the touch or seal of the owner. 

3. Budget

The budget will depend on whether you want to make a total change or just a partial remodel. The budget depends on the square meters of the bathroom, the materials, the type of toilet, sinks, showers, and accessories you want to use. Remember that the advice of an expert can help you fit your budget.

4. Innovation and Trends

Today’s trend in bathrooms is to have a space for pleasure and relaxation! It is like having your personal spa at home. There are elements such as hydro jets, panel showers, colored lighting, and Bluetooth sound systems to achieve the spa experience! 

Keep in mind that…

  • White toilets and sinks never go out of style and provide a feeling of cleanliness, spaciousness, and clarity!
  • Metal taps give elegance and sophistication to the space. You find different innovative designs on the market that will help give your personal touch.
  • Choose made-to-measure mirrors – the current trend is for circular reference mirrors! If the bathroom is small you can add large mirrors as they help increase the feeling of spaciousness in the space.


5. Paint Colors

Light colors give room to spaces, but you need to focus on the decorating style you want so that the paint colors you choose match the rest of the bathroom. Tip- choosing water-based paint will protect the ceilings and walls from fungus and bacteria due to the humidity that is generated!

6. Lighting

The ideal is to be able to combine lighting in order to obtain flexible and dynamic results. The different activities we do in the bathroom require functional lighting that meets our needs. Sometimes,  we will need a warm and soft light to take a relaxing bath, as in other occasions, we will need a stronger light to be able to have our skin and hair routines, or even to read a book.

The above recommendations are generalities to take into account if you are going to make the decision to remodel your bathroom. The best recommendation we can give you is undoubtedly the advice of the experts so you will achieve an excellent balance between the topics of innovation, trends, water-saving, and budget to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Email or call us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your remodeling design and construction project.

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